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Join Me In The Studio

There are currently 10 in-studio class options on my schedule to share with you each week, at 3 of the most beautiful and well-kept studios in the Columbus, OH area.

Read below to see what the offerings are, and which will best suit you and your needs!

Available for private events! Send requests to

Class Schedule

Clintonville, OH

Monday 12pm Vinyasa Flow / 4:30pm Yoga Wheel Flow

Tuesday 12pm Vinyasa Flow / 4:30pm Warm Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday 12pm Vinyasa Flow / 4:30pm Vinyasa Flow

The newest studio in town, with tons of class options to choose from!

So many options for you in this brand new Clintonville studio!! With a few different styles to offer, there's definitely something for everyone at Wild Root! I'm bringing lots of my creativity to this space! These all level classes will start out with a juicy warm up, then we'll work through a slower paced sequence to get a nice full body stretch.

The Vinyasa Flow brings a quicker pace to class, with a thoughtful sequence and a fun playlist to groove to! We'll generate some natural body heat while we build into an approachable, but challenging flow. Requests are welcome here and modifications are always offered!

The Warm Vinyasa Flow will be a similar flow to the vinyasa classes with addition of the heat from our infrared panels. Temps will get in the mid 80s in this class so bring water and a towel if needed!

The Yoga Wheel Flow is something I have been dreaming of for several years, and I am so thrilled to be able to offer this class to you at Wild Root! There are wheels available to each student in studio, so all you need is your mat and a sense of adventure! We will incorporate the wheel throughout this class, learning lots of different ways to stretch and strengthen the entire body. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about this one of a kind class! 

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Worthington, OH

Monday 6:30pm Gentle Vinyasa

Tuesday 6:30pm Vinyasa Flow

Join me each week for some beginner friendly vinyasa flows.

Gentle Vinyasa on Monday nights are more of a nourishing slow flow with some essential oils and soft vibey music. Gentle flows with deep stretches to help you glide right into your new week! This class has a virtual option for registration if you're not able to make it into the studio with us! 

Vinyasa Flow on Tuesday nights is a breath and movement based class with a slightly faster pace. We will cultivate some natural heat as we move through this class so come hydrated with a sense of adventure! All levels are welcome here, but mostly a beginner style studio!

Columbus, OH

Friday 12pm Dynamics / 5:30pm Unplugged

Weekly heated and non-heated classes at this close to downtown studio


LIT Dynamics brings the heat! We flow through mindful sequences to build into more advanced sequences and postures in these 85-90 degree classes. Appropriate for intermediate to advanced yogis, but modifications and props are always offered, so come as you are. With power, intent and discipline in mind, get ready to sweat through a creative, energy building flow.

LIT Unplugged is a sound off headphones experience geared to help you unwind and destress after a busy week. We move slow with the headphones on, letting you ease into practice and to just let go and relax. With a heavy focusing on working deep into those tight spaces and slowing things way down so that you can slide right into the weekend! Requests encouraged in this non-heated 60 minute class.

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