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Adventures In Teacher Training

My name is Steph Jo and I love yoga!!

I found yoga just a few months after turning 31 and immediately knew that I wanted to become a teacher! I decided to set a goal for myself to be a certified, registered and insured yoga teacher by the time I turned 35, giving myself just about 3 years to complete the task. It seemed so far away at the time, but it all caught up with me Thanksgiving weekend 2017! I remember thinking… “Oh shoot… I’m running out of time!” That weekend, I was spending time at my in laws for the holiday break when my brother in law, Alex, started asking me questions about my yoga practice and how I was coming along with my goal. It’s been quite obvious how much I love yoga since the minute I started this whole journey, especially when I started doing instagram yoga challenges, and I let most of my loved ones know what I was planning to do. Alex and I spent an entire evening discussing yoga. His mother has been a teacher most of his life, and he was telling me how much she loves being a teacher, how she still continues to further her education as a yoga teacher, and how it all affected his upbringing in a positive way. The whole conversation had me itching to get started, at least to start getting some information about my options on teacher trainings!!

I originally wanted to do an intensive 28-day rainforest experience in Costa Rica or somewhere magically beautiful like that for my training experience, but that just wasn’t going to work for me, unfortunately. So that night I got online and went straight to Yoga On High’s website. This was definitely the next best option for me! Once I started doing a little research, I found that the next round of 200 hour teacher trainings was starting that next March and would last 9 months….with graduation already scheduled for December 8, 2018. Only 11 days before my 35th birthday.

Like, WHOA BRO!!

It was like the universe was screaming at me … THIS IS IT STEPH JO. THIS IS YOUR TIME. THE TIME IS NOW!

So, it was that very weekend that I booked my spot for the next teacher training info session and I was on my way. The first step had been made and my ball was rolling! I was so excited!! The info session went really well! It was super informative and it made me so ready to start learning!! It took a few days to hear if I had been accepted, but I finally got the email letting me know that I was ready to sign some papers and send in that tuition payment!! I WAS ACCEPTED!!!!! Not going to lie, I cried with overwhelming excitement!! I have never in my entire life known what I wanted to be or do with my life, until now. I have a passion and drive like never before and it is so freaking awesome.

The first day of TT, I was really anxious and super excited, but mostly nervous. I was nervous about anything and everything from…. am I going to like this… am I going to fit in and meet new friends… are the instructors going to like me… am I sure I even want to be a teacher… WHAT AM I EVEN DOING?!? Oh man, so many emotions! But I walked right in there with a great big smile, knowing that this is what I love to do and this is where I need to do it!! From the very first class I took at YoHi I have felt so very welcome, and everyone in the studio has been so kind and helpful and just overall lovely!! I found myself spending lots of time hanging out at the front desk throughout the 9 month process of taking dozens of classes, attending the weekend trainings and all of the practice teaching hours. I started to feel like a part of a special kind of family when I entered the studio space, and that’s something that you can’t really put a price tag on. My group of fellow teacher trainees were also pretty rad!! I will always cherish the relationships made from my 200 hour course at Yoga On High! I met so many beautiful humans with so many amazing qualities and abilities and I wish for all the best things for every single one of those 40+ students!! I love you guys!!

The curriculum for the teacher training was way more than what I was expecting to receive. I learned so many things in addition to all of the normal yoga type stuff I was ready to learn about. It wasn’t just a bunch of yoga poses and flows, it was so much more than that. Pranayama, meditation, Sanskrit, prenatal yoga and restorative yoga, yoga for beginners and for advanced students, a silent retreat, lots of assisting and practice teaching, and SO MANY NEW FRIENDS!!!! I never thought I would ever be so interested in anything in my life, but I honestly want to learn any and every single thing about yoga, and Yoga On High is where I want to learn!! The teachers and even the front desk staff are all so knowledgable and so helpful with everything. I fell so much in love with the staff at Yoga On High that I applied for and now work at the front desk with all of the other magical helpful humans, and am definitely putting this studio at the top of my list for where I want to teach. This studio is one of the best I’ve ever been to and I am so very honored to be a part of the team. The next big goal I have set is to become a regularly scheduled teacher here at YoHi with lots of regular students!! And if I stay just as focused on this goal like I did the last one I crushed, it shouldn’t take too long to get where I want to be! The future is so bright and we can be whoever we want to be!! It’s never too late to set goals and go for your dream!


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